The Motherland’s New Single

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SA indie/folk band is set to release their second single this year: “By the Water” on July 1st.
Their previous album has been described as “Energetic drums and roaming bass lines form the bedrock, while slow jam guitar and vocals spread over the top like butter…A tasty pop-rock sandwich constructed so perfectly that you barely notice the juxtaposition of the two alliances.” (Album review – Chris Parsons, but their new approach takes on a different sound. The Motherland return to their themes of love and relationships, with a more energetic tone to their new music– By the Water being their edgiest yet.

“We never have time to just sit and write music together – most of our songs are written during sound checks but it keeps it fun. With this song we actually got to book studio time to write music, we met up that morning and by the end of the day this song was written and the guides were laid down. I’m not sure if it’s because it was a Monday but our moods were obviously a little more aggressive when we wrote this track, it’s a lot more tense than what we normally do but we’re really excited about this new direction.”Amber Valentine, Guitar.

By the Water, written and produced by The Motherland, Jaques Du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus at High Seas Studios (Desmond & The Tutu’s, Shortstraw) was written about destructive relationships. Louis’ fast paced drumming is complimented with Geraint’s firm ominous bass lines, setting the mood for Sean’s dark, seemingly serene vocals “ By the water, I think they stole my heart.” Its Chorus, The Motherlands heaviest yet, peaks with lucid guitars and rapid changes, the bands unrestrained performance in this song rings true to their own experiences.image008

“Every single person has made bad choices and experienced regret- Its part of life. This song was written about those dark paths we sometimes loose ourselves on, those bad people and decisions we often end up surrounding ourselves with. It’s about realisation, change and acceptance. Sometimes you need the dark to see the light, you know?