August 2016 sees the launch of Red Tape Riot’s 3rd single off their sophomore album ‘Satisfy’ – a track entitled ‘You and Me’.

“Originally the song was written about a love and connection between two people. A bond so strong that when they’re together the rest of the world’s problems fade away” says lead singer John Battersby. “They go about their daily lives and the world around them continues, but they’re almost protected from it by their love, and the world they have created within it.”

During the writing process another theme emerged however, and the band felt that they should allow the song to be a little more ambiguous. The other meaning speaks of a larger scale unity of everyone in society, and how humanity is connected through the power of nature, self-inflicted problems, and the way we treat each other.

“The song also talks about our basic desires to live a simple, peaceful and fulfilled life.  People want to create good life memories to look back on, and wish the same for everyone else.” John continues, “We’re excited to get this song out into the world, as we feel that more that ever, this theme resonates with people from all walks of life, regardless of religious or political beliefs.”

RED TAPE RIOT are a 5 piece groove-pop outfit hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.  John Battersby and Rubin van der Rheede are the founding members of the band and are joined by Justin Levitt, Marc Klein and Jared Phillips. Red Tape Riot produces music with a purposeful contrast between heartfelt melodies and strong party grooves. Influenced by the Post-Punk sounds of the 80’s, modern Indie Rock, Brit Pop, Drum n’ Bass and Electro dance scenes, the result is a highly danceable and catchy sound.

The band are looking forward to performing on the coveted main stage at the well known Rocking The Daisies music festival in October, and are busy planning a 3 month European Tour taking place in 2017.



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