Runaway Nuns – Spit

After our last album I think we all felt the need to go back to basics and focus on a sound that felt truer to us, something with a bit more teeth. Once we were all on the same page Sean Baron (Lead Vocals/Guitar) disappeared into his room and came out with the bulk of what became ‘Spit’. From there we spent a few weeks working on the songs as a band, after that it didn’t take long for us to start playing the material live, I’d like to say it was to gauge the audience reaction, but the… (CLICK HERE)

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Julia Robert – Sick Day

The four-piece glitter punks are back at it with ‘Sick Day’, the lead single from their upcoming EP ‘Late Stage Dream’. It’s a high energy salute to ditching out on work and life, with a subtext hiding behind the sunshine. 

The band has embraced her shameful pop punk roots with glee on this track. This is the sound of dark hair growing out underneath some questionable highlights at the end of a summer that was a bit too long (CLICK HERE)

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